Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Making Money Work


1. What products/services do you offer and who are they best suited for?


a. We have the book titled "Making Money Work: A Christian Guide For Personal Finance" which comes with a CD-ROM to help simplify personal finance calculations. The CD-ROM financial calculators save you time, work, and money—it is recommended for every household.

b. In addition to the book, we have a companion Making Money Work CD-RW (compact disc-read writable) for coursework. The Making Money Work CD-RW is a 16 week, 3 hour per week course with 39 lessons that correspond to the Making Money Work book and CD-ROM. The course is recommended for high school age students and above that want to complete a ½ economic credit.

c. If you live in the Chapel Hill, NC area, we offer the Making Money Work personal finance course live with instructor Bill G. Page.

d. We have a "Making Money Work Economic Forecast" at a very nominal fee that will benefit every investor—just email us a request for it.

e. We are currently developing a eBook on Christian humor—check back often as we hope to have it completed sometime in 2010.

2. What’s different about your product?

Answer: The Making Money Work book and CD-RW are based on Biblical principles and are very comprehensive in covering personal financial choices throughout a person’s lifetime. They combine the power of Biblical principles with modern day technology. The Making Money Work goal is to help Christians become better stewards of God’s resources while developing a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

3. What are the system requirements?

Answer: Book with CD-ROM— System Requirements: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and 24MB of available hard drive disk space. CD-RW for coursework— System Requirements: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and 90MB of available hard drive disk space. One file—the course certificate—requires Microsoft Publisher.

4. What is your consumer guarantee?

Answer: We offer a 90-day money back guarantee on original purchases made directly with Making Money Work. The buyer pays return shipping fees.

5. Do you provide customer service for the Making Money Work software?

Answer: Yes—there is no charge for software questions. Contact us via Email or telephone 919-969-7130.

6. Do you provide information on “debt management?”

Answer: Yes—our materials contain a great deal of information concerning debt. As a free resource for those struggling with debt issues, we also provide free of charge the following debt management resources:

7. Why does your website address have a “.us” extension?

Answer: Our website address is A completely different company owns the www.MakingMoneyWork.“com” address. Our materials are based on United States regulations so the “.us” extension was a better fit for our company.

8. Are there extra shipping charges for International orders?

Answer: Yes. Click on our “Order Now” button on the home page, and then select the “International Orders” link to calculate your International shipping fees.

9. Does the Making Money Work software work on Apple computers?

Answer: Yes and No. Yes if you have purchased and installed the “Microsoft Office For The Macintosh” software program for your Apple. If your Apple version removes Visual Basic macros, the powerful features in our calculators will not work. We use Visual Basic macros to save the user steps, time, and work when using our calculators. For example, Mac 2008 states "This file contains Visual Basic macros. Visual Basic macros do not work in Office 2008 for Mac." In this case, we do not recommend our calculators for Mac. You can tell whether your Mac will operate correctly with our calculators by downloading the "SS10 Calculator-Non Cash Charitable Contributions" from the homepage--if that calculator works properly, then all of our calculators will work on your Mac system.


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