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Making Money Work: A Christian Guide For Personal Finance

Book Chapters:

_1. The Ultimate Goal
_2. Money Management Psychology
_3. Tithing/Giving...Click for free copy in
MS Word or PDF
_4. Debt Management
_5. The Magic Of Compound Interest
_6. Inflation--The Silent Thief
_7. Saving/Goal Setting
_8. Social Security
_9. Taxes
10. Retirement Funds
11. Investments--Historical Returns
12. Abundance Thinking Versus A Scarcity Mentality
13. Investment Risks & Suggested Asset Allocation
14. Stocks
15. Mutual Funds
16. Bonds
17. Money Market Funds
18. Certificates Of Deposit
19. Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRA’s)
20. Annuities
21. Housing
22. Real Estate Investment Trusts
23. Futures Markets
24. Household Records
25. Checking Accounts
26. Keeping Track Of Your Portfolio
27. Credit Cards
28. Vehicles
29. College Expenses
30. Weddings
31. Life Insurance
32. Health Insurance & Disability Insurance
33. Automobile Insurance
34. Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance
35. Long-Term Care Insurance
36. Other Insurance
37. Wills, Trusts, And Estate Planning
38. Identity Theft
39. Grace, Faith, Purpose, & Peace

© 2005 Willie Glenn Page, Inc.


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