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Making Money Work: A Christian Guide For Personal Finance

Calculators On The CD-ROM:

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_1. What The MMW Logo Symbolizes

_2. File Folders

Open With Microsoft® Excel

_3. SS10 Calculator-Non Cash Charitable Contribution (Free Download)

_4. SS12 Calculator-Liquid Assets Versus Current Liabilities

_5. SS13 Calculator-Budget

_6. SS14 Calculator-Loan Payment

_7. SS15 Calculator-Compound Interest

_8. SS16 Calculator-Retirement Savings Goal (In Today's Dollars)

_9. SS17 Calculator-Taxable Equivalent Yield

10. SS18 Calculator-Investment Future Value

11. SS19 Calculator-Risk Assessment & Suggested Asset Allocation

12. SS20 Calculator-Stock Purchase, Sale, Split

13. SS21 Calculator-Mutual Fund Purchases & Sales (Unprotected WB)

14. SS22 Calculator-Present Value-Bond

15. SS23 Calculator-Annual Percentage Yield

16. SS24 Calculator-Traditional IRA Cost Basis

17. SS25 Calculator-Roth IRA Nondeductible Contributions

18. SS26 Calculator-Investment Future Value

19. SS27 Calculator-Mortgage Loan Estimate

20. SS28 Calculator-Amortization

21. SS29 Calculator-Home-Property Improvement

22. SS30 Calculator-File Folders

23. SS31 Calculator-Household Inventory Form

24 SS32 Calculator-Annuity Comparison Estimator (SS Versus SS Leveling)

25. SS33 Calculator-Portfolio Allocation

26. SS34 Calculator-Lease Agreement (Vehicle)

27. SS35 Calculator-Vehicle Keep, Buy, or Lease Comparison

28. SS36 Calculator-College Costs and Savings

29. SS37 Calculator-Wedding Costs

30. SS38 Calculator-Life Insurance Needs

31. SS39 Calculator-Vehicle Insurance

32. SS40 Vehicle Accident Report

33. SS41 Calculator-Estate Planning Worksheets

34. SS42 Estate Plan Information Recap

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