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CD-RW Workbook

For Coursework Credit



For the instructor:

Attendance Charts

Course Certificate

Grading System

PowerPoint Presentation On Each Chapter



For the student:

Course Syllabus

Class Log To Track Course Hours

End Of Chapter Skill Challenges, True False

And Multiple Choice Exercises.


Supplemental Learning Modules


Checking/Savings Account Register

College Expense Planning Exercise


Housing--Debt-To-Income Ratios

Income Tax Preparation Exercises

Mutual Funds--Active Versus Passive Investments

Mutual Funds--ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Mutual Funds--NAV (Net Asset Value)

Mutual Funds--Offer Price

Portfolio/Investing Planning Exercise

Retirement Planning Exercises

Skill Challenges For Each Chapter
Stock Purchase Exercise

Taxable Equivalent Yield Versus After Tax Rate Of Return

The Thought Process Of The Wealthy

Values And Spending Exercise
And More.










Making Money Work Curriculum Key Product Attributes:

1. It has a Biblical worldview. Biblical principles are the foundation for all financial decisions.

2. The curriculum has been used as the personal finance course textbook for a major Christian University. The CD-ROM personal finance calculators are very easy to use. If you can type, they will save you time, work, and money throughout your life. The CD-RW is informational, inspirational, and transformational.

3. You can purchase all materials needed for the self-taught course for only $64.99 (plus tax and S&H). Typically in college, a personal finance course would cost over $600.


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